Altima Caviar

Altima Caviar is the culmination of one woman's deep passion for caviar. Sourced from sustainable farms around the world, Altima Caviar serves up a meticulously curated collection of only the most exceptional caviar, personally vetted from water to table by our caviar connoisseurs. After running Palm Beach's premier private relations and concierge firm for 20 years—representing luxury clients in Palm Beach, New York, Gstaad and St Barths—Maribel Alvarez decided to follow her lifelong love for caviar. Her goal is to create the most bespoke and personalized caviar experience, placing a premium on taste, quality, sustainability and customer service. Dive into the wonderful world of Altima Caviar.

Caviar Varieties

There are an estimated 27 species of sturgeon, twelve of which are commercially fished or farmed, and five of which are known for producing the highest quality caviar. Each caviar is named after the sturgeon species from which the eggs were harvested. 


Beluga | Oscietra | Siberian

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