A Legacy of Luxury

Founded in 2022 by Maribel Alvarez,  Altima Caviar has quickly established itself as the purveyor of the world’s most exclusive and sustainable caviar. Altima Caviar’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing has made Altima Caviar a preferred choice in high-end restaurants, gourmet retail stores, and the most discerning private events. After representing caviar brands for 22 years, Altima Caviar was established. Every year, the esteemed team of caviar experts travel across several countries to build relationships with suppliers and curate the most exquisite caviar.

Maribel runs the House of Altima where her son handles the financial structure, and her daughter manages the marketing. Alvarez loves working with her children and building a legacy together.

Founder – Maribel Alvarez


A women-led triumph in the world of fine dining. With a legacy of excellence and a passion for the exquisite

Alexis Posada-Testrake
Managing Co-Founder

THE ONE THAT… Is torn between marketing and motherhood (and obsessed with both)
Education: George Washington University  Fluent in 3 languages
Random things: Solution seeker (and finder), make-it-pretty-MacGyver, in-house therapist, chameleon, connoisseur of all things aesthetically pleasing
Excluding friends, fam & health, 3 things that bring me joy are: – “I love my outfit today” feeling – A super authentic compliment – Finding the perfect gift
My favorite Altima Caviar is: The one I had most recently…
 And the experience looks like…”   fresh snow, sun shining, wine is already served, and I’ve been skiing since the lifts opened.
I can’t get through the workday without: 
My phone running out of battery
Words to live by: 
Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?

Alayna Steinman
National Sales Director

THE ONE THAT… Shares caviar as the main event
Education: International Management, Missouri State
Random things: Global Citizen, Music Maven, Caviar for Breakfast,
Solutions Provider, Serial Entrepreneur
Excluding friends, fam & health, 3 things that bring me joy are: The sound of waves – 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series win – Making breakfast to music on Sunday morning
My favorite Altima Caviar is: “The Gold Reserve” ….
And the experience looks like …. “pure butter straight from the tub”
I can’t get through the workday without: A pot of coffee
Words to live by: I make the music good so you dance

Gabriella Fasciani
VIP Relations

THE ONE THAT… Makes Things Happen
Education: Digital Marketing & Communications, University of North Florida
Random things:Long walks, Nuxe body oil, taking photos, making pasta from scratch, extra dirty martinis with extra olives, curating my Spotify playlist
Excluding friends, fam & health, 3 things that bring me joy are: Getting ready for dinner after a long day tanning on the beach, An extra foamy cappuccino, Planning outfits on Pinterest before a trip.
My favorite Altima Caviar is: “Siberian on a potato chip with a glass of wine.”
I can’t get through the workday without: a “fun” drink in the afternoon 
Words to live by: Dream until it’s your reality

Francesca Jabbour
PR and Special Events

THE ONE THAT… Is torn between being a business woman and stay-at-home daughter
Education:  Texas Christian University Biology & Busniess
Random things: Assouline books, Watching Tennis,St Ambroeus Coffee, Vacations to Cabo, Classics (in everyway) 
Excluding friends, fam & health, 3 things that bring me joy are: Huge Fiji waters, A Seated Dinner with Place Cards, a Perfect Blowout
My favorite Altima Caviar is: Amber Oscietra And the experience looks like … luxury and the perfect taste in your mouth.”
I can’t get through the workday without:  Laughing
Words to live by:  What’s meant to be will always find a way


Chef Christophe Abadie

Chef Christophe Abadie

Hailing from France, Chef Christophe has traveled the world by land and sea, working for some of the most important and famous families around the globe. Whether it’s classic French cuisine, Japanese specialties or Italian comfort food–he does it all. When he’s not cooking, find him at the gym or playing rugby. As for his favorite way to CAVIAR SCOOP: “With utmost simplicity. In the 90’s, I worked for one of the most important Russian families. It’s where I received my true education in caviar. I learned to enjoy its natural flavor and how the grains roll on the tongue. As a chef, I often use caviar for appetizers and passed hors d’oeuvres, always highlighting—and not masking— caviar as the main flavor profile.”

Chef Richard Farnabe

Chef Farnabe hass worked under Daniel Boulud in Manhattan. Jean-Georges Vongerichten.  Chef Farnabe  helped open Jean-Georges and later made him Chef de Cuisine at Mercer Kitchen.  He was then hired by Tommy Hilfiger as his private chef, simultaneously working as a consultant for Montrachet, and then cooking at Lotus for a celeb-studded crowd. Chef Farnabe opened Prime in Huntington, where he received 5-star diamonds from AAA.. He then took the chef position with Picholine Restaurant and received 2 stars in the 2009 Michelin guide for his efforts. After 5 years as Corporate Executive Chef for the Soho Grand Hotel. Farnabe received the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the most expensive soufflé in the world.

Chef Gregory Pugin

Chef Gregory Pugin, is co-founder of CocoAddiction, a luxury chocolate and confections shop based in St. Pete Beach, Florida. The son of a chef, Pugin hails from southwest France. At 16, he staged for Chef Jean-Marie Gautier at the Hotel du Palais in Biarritz. Working under Joel Robuchon, Pugin traveled the world–Tokyo, Macao, Las Vegas and Monaco—perfecting his culinary skills. Throughout his illustrious career, he has scooped a James Beard Award and a Michelin Star. He has helmed beloved restaurants like Veritas , Le Cirque (Vegas), and Palme d’Or (Miami). Currently, he is the executive chef of the Shell Bay Club in Hallandale. A caviar connoisseur, he appreciates a scoop “with just about anything–sweet or savory.”

Chef Armando Yagües

Chef Armando Yagües is the owner of Private Chef Palm Beach, a culinary catering and staffing company based in Palm Beach, FL. With over 15 years of experience, PBPC specializes in creating luxurious 5-star gastronomic experiences. The company offers elite private chef services to residences in Palm Beach, New York, Miami, California, Nantucket, and the Hamptons. Chef Yagües has collaborated with culinary icons such as Daniel Boulud, Jean Georges Vongerichten, and David Bouley, and has worked at highly acclaimed restaurants including Le Cirque, Lutèce, and Cafe Boulud. He has had the honor of serving high-profile clients in exclusive event spaces and  luxurious residences around the world.