About Us

Launched in 2022, Altima Caviar sources its caviar from the world’s most exclusive and sustainable farms. Sold in high-end restaurants and in retail gourmet stores, Altima Caviar is also a delivery staple in private homes and elegant events.

Altima Caviar's founding company, Altima Palm Beach is renowned for its unparalleled ability to curate the finest luxury goods for the most discerning individuals. And caviar, the epitome of indulgence, is no exception.

After representing caviar brands for 22 years, Altima decided to take the upstream route. Vetting and building relationships with our suppliers, we at Altima Caviar believe that it is important to forge personal connections with our aquafarmers. To that end, our esteemed team of caviar experts travel and taste our way across several countries to curate the most exquisite caviar. From water to table, we are committed to delivering only the best Oscietra, White Sturgeon, and Beluga Hybrid.